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About Us

Rebel's Trophies has been family owned and operated since being established in 1974.  As you might have guessed, trophies and sports awards have always been a large part of what we do; however most are not aware that we are a major distributor of corporate recognition awards.  Serving walk-in customers as well as Fortune 500 companies around the world, we are equipped and experienced to handle anything from a Little League banquet to awards banquets on any scale.

Whether you're in search of a new supplier of your team trophies or looking for a donor board installed in your corporate headquarters we have 40 years of experience at your service.


All assembly and engraving is done on premises with state of the art laser engraving and digital imaging equipment.  The latest technology allows us to serve your needs quicker and with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before.

Laser technology gives us the flexibility to engrave on multitude of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, crystal, marble, glass, tile, leather, stone and nearly any other non-reflective surface.

Digital Imaging is a process similar to silk screening which allows us to color print designs on many flat surfaces with no limitations on color or added screen charge.  We design and image onto metal for plaques, acrylic, mouse pads, candles and most other textiles.  This process is ideal for signage that you have probably seen in companies and schools that we supply.

Whereas silk screening has color limitations, we can literally take a photo out of your wallet and reproduce it in near perfect detail onto a flat surface without costly color charges!

Sand Blasting/Etching/Carving

We utilize our sand blasting cabinet to cut into glass and crystal awards as well as some of our Stonecast series and many custom pieces.  As the name implies the extremely fine grit sand gives a smooth cut to the surface and allows us to control depth and thickness of the engraving for amazing detail at unbelievably competitive prices!

If you have something out of the ordinary, please give us a call.At the very least, we can help you into the right direction.

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